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In today's highly competitive marketplace, companies, their suppliers and the OEM's are tasked with delivering high quality product quickly and at a competitive price. Furthermore, to be considered a supplier for new business, you are expected to have key business processes and management systems implemented.

But how does an OEM or prime find you? How do you compare to another supplier offering similar products and services? What systems are you using? And how can you stand-out against the hundreds or potentially thousands of competitors in your market place?

To address this challenge and bring value and benefits to both the OEM's, prime contractors and your business, NeXsys Group has developed an intuitive online platform known as NeXedge. By simply logging into your online profile and answering a series of smart questions in the form of a self-survey, you can instantly know how your business rates against the requirements of being considered a supplier to primes and OEM's such as General Atomics, Lockheed Martin, Sikorsky, Bombardier and Boeing.


  • Secure web-based platform - access from anywhere
  • Rating requirements derived from industry standards, OEM's & Primes
  • Instant reports and intuitive dashboards of results
  • Adopts ISO and AS certification requirements
  • Quickly identify areas for business improvement
  • Significantly increase your value proposition to OEM's & Primes

Feature Spotlight: Instant results with intuitive dashboards

The results of your assessment are scored and presented back to you instantly, in both a full detailed report and series of dashboards highlighting not only what you company does well, but also what areas of the business could be improved to satisfy the prime and your business.

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